We are a Family Owned & Operated,?Wood Furniture manufacturing and distribution company. With careful attention paid to both quality workmanship and quality customer service, we are here to provide the products you need to make your home and yard the wonderland you would like it to be. From sheds and gazebos to dog houses and picnic tables, we put our 100+ years of experience in two generations, to work to do it right. From selecting and cutting the trees, to the finished product, we do it all. If you have any questions? feel free to call Richard anytime, 207-786-3304? or E-mail us?at ?mwtrich@yahoo.com.


Rent To Own & Financing Options Available – Apply Now!!

We Ship All Shed and Furniture Products Anywhere in the U.S.A

Enjoy convenience, protection and a serious compliment to your real estate. We are happy to offer delivery and set up of our large products on site. Please call us for specific delivery details and pricing.

We also offer shed and gazebo hardware replacement parts.

If you need a replacement part and are having difficulty finding it, we? probably have it,? we can probably make it or we can help you find it! From hinges to replacement windows, we have what you need to keep your property in good shape.

Note: Due to unstable lumber and fuel pricing, all pricing is subject to change without notice.