Site Preparation

The secret to a long lasting and useful structure is proper site preparation. Site preparation helps insure the structure is stable, accessible, and will help protect your investment for many years.

We can provide complete site preparation services for your shed, garage, gazebo, and other products.

If you prefer to do your own site preparation, here are some guidelines:

  • Pick a location that is well drained and accessible (for both delivery and usability).

  • A concrete slab or crushed stone bed of at least four inches depth with at least a twelve inch apron on all sides is preferred.

  • Smaller structures (under 8 ft. width and length) may be placed on blocks, but a proper bed is preferred.


We deliver your building right to your prepared location!
We can also arrange for crane delivery, build on-site and or other methods.
Or if you prefer many of our structures are available as kits for self assembly!
Whatever your special needs may be, we can probably find a way to accommodate them.